Calibration Gas Kit



  • This kit has a standard gas cylinder, “on-demand” gas regulator, tubing and shoulder carrying case to support field calibration of OMNI-2200. The kit can also be ordered directly from
  • The OMNI-2200 calibration is performed while in the field and is automated. After connecting the gas cylinder to the OMNI-2200, you launch the SW Calibration module from the portal and it will take care of the rest. Once the calibration process is completed, you will receive an email notification to detach the gas cylinder at your convenience.

OMNI-2200 Filters


• OMNI-2200 requires new two dust filters, once every 6 months or earlier depending on the environment where it’s installed.

• These filters have PTFE 2.5um filtration element pressed into an inert PTFE housing. It prevents dust and particulates from entering into the OMNI-2200 through the gas inlets.

• Filters are field-replaceable without any required tools.

• Minimum order is two per each OMNI-2200 unit