Autonomous Power Operation

OMNI-2100 Solar Package includes two 120W solar panels, MPTT solar charge controller, an industrial-grade LTE modem, and a wind sensor. 

Meteorological Sensor

OMNI-2100 Solar Package includes an ultrasound anemometer to report wind direction & speed, ambient temperature, and relative humidity. The wind data is registered at the time of air sampling for VOC source identification.

Fault-Tolerant Operation Option

OMNI-2100 Solar Package supports Dual Analyzer Configuration where uninterrupted data is necessary. Two analyzers work in “main” and “standby” configuration. The standby unit will replace the main one in case of failure. 


Wide operating Temperature Range

OMNI-2100 operates in ambient temperatures ranging from 5°C to 40°C. Contact us if you need an extended temperature range

Mobile Platform

The entire solution is mounted on a small trailer for mobility between locations.

Wide operating Relative Humidity Range

OMNI-2100 Solar Package operates in coastal locations where relative humidity is as high as 98% RH levels.