OMNI-2250 Fast Mode, Exclusively for Benzene only

Fully Autonomous

No operator needed. Set the number of cycles and sampling time; the OMNI-2250 will do the rest.

Speciates Benzene only

OMNI-2250 is a MEMS-based micro-GC. Its pre-concentrates the sample, separates the individual compounds, and detects them based on their retention time. It includes two complementary detectors that enhance chemical recognition. Operated in FAST mode, it is designed to detect benzene only.

Near-real-time Response

Results are in as quickly as 2 minutes. Sampling time is factory set to optimize benzene detection in a very short time.

No Carrier Gas

The OMNI-2250 utilizes filtered ambient air as its carrier gas, eliminating the necessity for additional carrier gases such as helium, nitrogen or zero-air. Operated in FAST mode, it is designed to detect benzene only

Cloud based IoT Platform

Single screen management console. Remote management via Wi-Fi or LTE. Over-the-air software updates. Sends Email & SMS group alerts.

Low Power & Light weight

OMNI-2250 is only 16 Ibs and in idle time uses Watts. It is fully solar capable. It can be bundled with OMNI-SL200 solar products for remote area operation without a need for grid power.

Limit of Detection (LOD)

OMNI-2250 LOD is less than 70 ppb with total cycle time of 2 minutes. It can also be programmed to have slightly longer sampling, reaching less than 20 ppb LOD with a total cycle time of 5 minutes.