Autonomous of Days

OMNI-SL200 can work for 4.5 days of cloudy days

Solar-Powered Anemometer

Equipped with a solar-powered ultrasonic anemometer featuring WIFI connectivity, the device seamlessly integrates with remote management software. In a standard setup, the anemometer communicates wind direction and speed data every 3 minutes, with the flexibility to program smaller time intervals as needed.

Hardware Specification

  • One 150-watt solar panel
  • Two 58 A-hrs GEL monobloc spill-proof batteries
  • Charge controller housed in a NEMA 3R Battery & Control aluminum enclosure
  • PWM charge controller with 10 Amp capacity, offering 25% surge charge protection, Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD), digital metering, and temperature-compensated charging control
  • Pole/wall mount enclosure measuring 18” H x 25” W x 15.02” D

Configurable Stand

The OMNI-SL200 is designed for quick assembly and disassembly, facilitating easy relocation from one location to another.