Announcement About Addition to Omniscent Advisory Board

– 11/27/2023, Omniscent, Inc. has signed an agreement with Montrose Environmental Group, a leading provider of comprehensive, environmentally-focused solutions.  With approximately 3500 employees across more than 90+ locations around the world, Montrose combines deep local knowledge with an integrated approach to environmental and ecosystem planning, engineering, compliance, and operations, enabling Montrose teams to respond effectively and efficiently to the unique requirements of each project. From comprehensive air measurement and laboratory services to regulatory compliance, emergency response, permitting, engineering, and remediation, Omniscent’s advanced VOC analyzers, combined with Montrose’s SensibleEDP data platform, offers a comprehensive air quality monitoring solution for the energy, wastewater, and petrochemical industries.

– 10/04/2023, Omniscent, inc. announced today that Mr. Danial Faizullabhoy long time entrepreneur who was a venture capitalist at Wlden Internaltional joined as chief commercial officer advisor of the company. Danial had multiple exists including an IPO and multiple M&As.
He was the former CEO of Cypherpath, a cyber security company (acquired by Mantech) and the CEO of BroadLogic, a silicon company (acquired by Broadcom). Danial has served on the board of directors of the following private companies: BroadLogic, Cypherpath, Sierra Atlantic; Ikanos and Airtight Networks. He has a BSEE. from Norwich University and a MBA from Santa Clara University.

– 05/05/2023, The Royal Commission Environmental Protection & Control Department (RC EPCD), the sole authority for drafting and implementation of Environmental Policy and Regulations in the Industrial Cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has officially recognized and approved the Omniscent Micro Gas Chromatograph (GC) Analyzer Model 2200 for EDC, BTEX, and VOCs to install Fence-line Ambient Air Quality Monitoring.

–  02/10/2023 Omniscent Signs distributor agreement with GeoTek Consulting, a Bahrain company to facilitate sales of its VOC products in Saudi Arabia.

– 05/21/2021, Omniscent is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Paul Roberts to its advisory board. Dr. Roberts is an authority in the field of environmental air quality studies from exposure assessment to instrumentation and their related methodologies. He was involved in numerous evaluations of analytical methods, monitors, and instruments and evaluated a range of continuous benzene monitors for use in communities near oil refineries.