Announcement About Addition to Omniscent Advisory Board

March 21, 2021: Omniscent is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Paul Roberts to its advisory board. Dr. Roberts is an authority in the field of environmental air quality studies from exposure assessment to instrumentation and their related methodologies. He was involved in numerous evaluations of analytical methods, monitors, and instruments and evaluated a range of continuous benzene monitors for use in communities near oil refineries.

Announcement About Omniscent-Camsco Sales Channel Partnership:

Omniscent is excited to announce that Camsco has signed up on February 28, 2020 to become Omniscent’s channel partner. Camsco brings a wealth of domain expertise in the area of fenceline monitoring as an industry leader. Today, Camsco is pioneering the evolution of fenceline monitoring and VOC air monitoring through its partnership with Omniscent to deploy its cutting-edge MEMS-based technology, the OMNI-2100 analyzer, at its customer base locations. Camsco has built its reputation delivering quality products and services to a broad range of clients and large range of instruments and applications. Omniscent is thrilled to have the Camsco team on board and looking forward to a fruitful and successful partnership.